Raja Ampat dreaming

Simple. The worlds most beautiful place. Dont believe me? Watch the vidoe… click and off ya go via Utube.
These islands are in Indonesia ( just ), off West Papua, and not many people have even heard of them, let alone seen them. They are a sort of recent discovery. They are a must do for anyone’s bucket list. I went there, struggled around for a week or so to get boats and kit, and had to change boats, crew, and engines a few times till I got truely underway. This vid is just the dreamy scenes, not the travel blog, which will ensue. The pinnacle shots are in Palau Wayag , the jewel in the Raja’s crown…..arguably the most spectacular island cluster ever made here on Gaia.
Its pointeless raving on in superlatives when the video says it all>>>>
GoPro, April 2013.
Take one long log, (dug out), add motor and hut..and head on out there>>>

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