Borneo by Bike, Boat and Bullshit…a ranting raving roving round up of East Kalimantan.

Well, what can I say. Borneo. Adventure travel goes rabid. 40 minutes of mockumentary travel blog…. of mockumental proportions. Thanks to Canned Heat for the sound track, apologies for the first 10 minutes ( of 40), where its just me, dealing with the shock of motorbike travel, where, well, river travel makes more sense. Then its gets calmer, as I make it to the idealic Asian island, Palau Derawan…more like Asia once was before it became so developed. From there is up the Sungai Kayan river to the Heart (bypass) of Darkness. Its gets fun back on the road, and after a few more days on a ferry, its back to Surabaya in Java,headed to West Papua’s beautiful Raja Ampat, or so the photos suggest.
Anyway, if you ever fancied a trip into the jungles of Borneo, this is what you will see….

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