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Raja Ampat dreaming

Simple. The worlds most beautiful place. Dont believe me? Watch the vidoe… click and off ya go via Utube.
These islands are in Indonesia ( just ), off West Papua, and not many people have even heard of them, let alone seen them. They are a sort of recent discovery. They are a must do for anyone’s bucket list. I went there, struggled around for a week or so to get boats and kit, and had to change boats, crew, and engines a few times till I got truely underway. This vid is just the dreamy scenes, not the travel blog, which will ensue. The pinnacle shots are in Palau Wayag , the jewel in the Raja’s crown…..arguably the most spectacular island cluster ever made here on Gaia.
Its pointeless raving on in superlatives when the video says it all>>>>
GoPro, April 2013.
Take one long log, (dug out), add motor and hut..and head on out there>>>

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Borneo by Bike, Boat and Bullshit…a ranting raving roving round up of East Kalimantan.

Well, what can I say. Borneo. Adventure travel goes rabid. 40 minutes of mockumentary travel blog…. of mockumental proportions. Thanks to Canned Heat for the sound track, apologies for the first 10 minutes ( of 40), where its just me, dealing with the shock of motorbike travel, where, well, river travel makes more sense. Then [...]

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Project Management in PNG. A 15 minute video ofday in the life at the Holiday Inn Port Moresby

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Roderycka 3… a video of trip to eastern Bali, ( Penida, Amed, Sideman, Jan 2013). The last days. A beautiful journey.

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Roderycka 2…. the middle of a great but passing relationship..a 2o minute video

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Roderycka. All is Full of Love..a 2o minute video. A romantic journey beigins

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By Bike through Flores,Sulewesi, Lombok, Gilis

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Kite surfing and Kavieng in PNG…. a video of some wet fun

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT, some past projects…

Rod Davis’ background in project management, either as builder, or later as developer, spans 34 years, and samples of his projects are photographed below. Rod commenced as a builder’s, design and construct project manager, after 5 years at the UNSW’s Faculty of Architecture, specializing in Project/Development Management and Quantity Surveying. He went on to hold [...]

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